Crewed Yacht Charter

Privacy with exceptional service, wide views and unspoiled beaches - do you want to enjoy your holiday completely undisturbed?
Whether you want to enjoy a vacation with your loved ones or plan a special event, FACIL BLU creates an exceptional ambiance.

Luxury Catamaran - Spacious villa with 360 degree sea views and lavish sea terraces.

Modern catamarans do not only inspire sailors. Enormous space, free panoramic view and sailing without tilt make the sailing holiday for all to enjoy.

There are retreats in opulent lounges on different levels. At mealtimes you meet the lake terrace, which steplessly in the deck saloon. Favorite places are the flybridge with unlimited views of the paradise and the jacuzzi on the sea sside terrace. The Master Cabin offers a generous private kingdom, sometimes even with its own lakeside terrace. Also in the salon nothing disturbs your privacy, the cook conjures discretely in one of the hulls.
Anyone who has tried it once, is thrilled by the high degree of privacy, freedom and perfect service on a luxury catamaran. Come on board and be enchanted.
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Sailing yachts for connoisseurs

Which is your dream yacht? Do you like it sporty or rather luxurious with generous lying areas on board? Do you want the feel of the noble design of the Mondango or a futuristic Dyna rig?

Would you like to win the Copa del Rey or the Voile de St. Tropez?

Motor yachts - the Versatility

Creative place to work, impressive location for reception or party, home at sea or just fun. The new motor yachts surprise on the outside with unfamiliar lines and generous glass surfaces. Inside, they inspire with lots of light and wonderful unexpected terraces. State-of-the-art drives noticeably reduce consumption.

Gulet - the Family Paradise

Cozy and wide with large cushions, you can enjoy pure relaxation in the Aegean Sea and the Adriatic Sea. Some have excellent sailing characteristics.

Classic yachts for connoisseurs

Legendary yachts have made history. Which legendary old lady of the sea do you dream of?
Should it be the impressive Moonbeam III by William Fife, the magnificent Elonora or an interesting replica?

Superyachts - the Unique

Each one is a fascination.

On which yacht would you like to celebrate life?

Western Mediterranean

There is a reason why the Cote d'Azur, Sardinia and the Balearic Islands are traditionally the most popular destinations of yachts in the Mediterranean Sea.
In the crouded summer months moorings at the pier are sometimes traded like high-profile diamonds. At the end of the season, the most beautiful sailing yachts meet for the Voile de St. Tropez.


Dalmatia is the new hotspot for yachts in the Mediterranean with dream islands and countless bays, lively harbor towns full of culture and nightlife. Little swell through the many islands and an excellent infrastructure from the Kornati islands to Split, Brac and Hvar Dubrovnik and Montenegro offer the best conditions.

Aegean - Paradise of the Gods

Take the deep blue of the Aegean, add the whiteness of the houses and the red of the flowers, spice it up with a strong breeze and sprinkle many magical islands in.


Winter's paradise stretches from Florida to the Antilles with the British Virgin Islands, Martinique and Dominica all the way to the Grendines. Each of the beautiful islands has its own charm. The most popular are the British Virgin Islands with the bays of Virgin Gorda and Jost van Dyke.